toes sucking

Just curious.. how true when they said if lil siblings suck their toes d mum is pregnant?

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I think you heard it wrongly. It's more like orang tua2 cakap kalau baby suck their toes means they NAK ADIK lagi not the mom is pregnant. Hehe cause the older generation kat my side lah suka cakap mcm tu🤣😂

Hi Qysha. I personally think its just a myth. I’ve read before that it is actually a developmental milestone. Its actually good when babies suck their toes! :)

I don't think there is any conenction

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Hmmm...Never heard of this one🤔

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Don't know this until today.☺️

Don’t believe old wife tales

Super Mum

Don’t think it’s true. Heh

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Never happened for my case.

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don't think so 🤔

I don’t think so