Can you have a great marriage without great sex? How about no sex?

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Agreed that sex plays an important role in marriage. Though is doesn't always mean that all sex are considered great just because you're in a great marriage. Personally, I can only count a great sex when if like the two of us just came from a fight, or we missed each other so much then we had it or if we did it just right after someone just went through a bad day. And sample of a not so great one is when thy partner was so in the mood but you're not and you just gave in because you slightly want it too and you don't want to give fuss about it. Moreover, other factors I think can contribute as well to that healthy marriage (like loyalty, respect, friendship, bonding, adorable kids etc). But no sex at all.. hmm not possible.

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It depends on individual actually. If you or your husband has a higher sex drive, it's either you slow down or you speed up. If one of you have lesser interest to have sex, & even rejects too often. It might upset the other. It's hard to find someone that has the same pace as you. It's about sometimes making it work & giving in time to time. I do reject my husband, or he too reject me at times, end of the day, when it happens it happens. If no sex, i would be quite insecure, what if he's getting what he wants from another source? Temptation is everywhere. As the older people say, they rather make their husband feel good & tired from sex than to let their eyes & hands wander to unknown places.

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A marriage without sex is not a marriage. Sad fact is that 15-20% of marriages are sexless. Sexless marriage is defined as a marriage with no sex in 6 months. If you have not had sex in a while, and you are the person who wants to get back in the saddle, approach your spouse with love and compassion. Say something like 'We haven't had sex in a while, and I miss you,'" Don't complain about it — that's not going to get you laid. Go for the sweetness. Choose the time of day that works for both of you; maybe set the scene with some candlelight, romantic music or whatever helps you both get into the mood.

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Sex is important in a relationship, can't do without it. Of course, there are other elements that makes a relationship strong, but I feel sex is the most important. It takes two person to work on it together at the same time, same rhythm, that union of physical and emotional touch is not something that other things can surpass. Of course you can have minimal or no sex in a relationship, it will somewhat become a 'best friend' kinda relationship, one will seek comfort from another person to compensate.

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3y ago

sex is good

It all really depends on you and your husband. What works on other relationship may not work on you. We all have our own preferences and conditions. It really depends on how willing you and your partner are to stick to it. Just keep communication healthy. A great relationship is made of two people who refuse to give up on each other. ^

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You mean to say that you're not satisfied with your partner sexually? Well, you can always talk to your partner about it, discuss your fetish and what arouses you. If you're a woman then maybe you're not orgasming enough and he comes too fast, right? If you're a man then maybe your wife is like a corpse in bed? Communication is the key 🔑❤

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If your hubby don’t get sex, he will obtain it from somewhere else. There are so many avenues to obtain it from. He will soon come to terms that u r no longer required as u r not the only source giver he can obtain from. This is how marital affairs will sip in. You don’t provide, someone else is more than glad to provide!

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Surely cnt wthout sex in marriage.. Its all abt relationship n communication.. But if work for both of the partner.. Its ok then (both choice).. When goes to marriage.. Sex means alot.. Having babies.. Developing families n for both bonding.. More love.. N good for longlasting relationship in marriage.. Why not..???

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A great marriage - but possibly a short-lived one. Physical intimacy and procreating are two of the most beautiful things a couple can share. Possible, yes, anything's possible (depends on the personalities, priorities, and values of the couple), but it's definitely not for most.

My answer is no. Sex is God's gift to every married couple. It's the ultimate way of knowing your husband/wife intimately. Sex is the reason why a man and a woman become one in marriage. Sex satisfies the physical longings of both husband and wife.

10mo ago

Amen to God’s great gift of sex. But do you think women are not considered to be submitting to their husband if she always refuse sex?