sex after give birth

Hi mummies how does it feel to have sex after you have given birth? Does it hurt? How long do you wait to have sex? Does your vagina feels loose? Or do you just have oral sex first?

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From my experience, I had intercourse during my confinement period. My bleeding stopped at 1 week sharp after birth. I waited for at least 3 weeks or so. It was still dry at first and quite painful. Do not force yourself if you can't okay. My pain tolerance is quite high, I don't mind about the pain... I'm just afraid that the stitches will come off since I had vaginal delivery and had 18 stitches! Normally after a month onwards, you won't feel much pain. Its just too dry, the reason it's pain.

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Hi mummy if u are breastfeeding normally u will feel dry. Best to use lubricant. I have sex after 6 weeks of pp. It's doesn't hurts but there will be a little dry. But it's depends on individual after all. :) oh yes if u are vaginal delivery u wont feel loose no worries.

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And no, your vagina won't feel loose. Its very very tight and that's why you will feel extra pain 😅 My husband told me that it feels like you're a virgin due to the tightness.

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It may hurt especially if there is an episiotomy that they stitched up. I waited 1 month+. Not loose, tight in fact.

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Around 2 months after birth and yes it will hurt a little