Can you have a great marriage without great sex? How about no sex?

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My answer is no. Sex is God's gift to every married couple. It's the ultimate way of knowing your husband/wife intimately. Sex is the reason why a man and a woman become one in marriage. Sex satisfies the physical longings of both husband and wife.

1y ago

Amen to God’s great gift of sex. But do you think women are not considered to be submitting to their husband if she always refuse sex?

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Hey mama (or papa), i know in the craziness of parenthood, our sex drive may vanish - but it's one of the core pillars of a healthy marriage. Doesn't need to be intercourse, but definitely some sort of sexual activity is necessary.

6y ago

totally agree!

I can say it’s my topic , but not completely without sex but once in 6months n no satisfied feeling , it’s in quick mode n no feeling at all but stil we love each other coz I completely lost intrest on sex bcoz of his quicky..

I feel that sex is part n parcel of marriage. You can't do without it and it is also something you can totally rely on. In marriage, it is a mixture of everything. sex, love, compassionship and many more!

If you are an elderly couple, I'd say yes, no sex in a marriage can be quite possible but I'm guessing you are not. Sex and marriage go hand in hand. It doesn't have to be everyday but elements of it has to there.

People think sex is a bomb Its not Its just a normal thing And both partners should understand their needs When they want What they want So daily Weekly Monthly doesn’t matter

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How can there not be sex? Sex is an ultimate expression of love in my opinion. And besides that's one of the reasons why we get into marriage to procreate.

No sex is not possible lah. That's not a marriage - thats a friendship. Great sex is nice to have but not prerequisite for happy marriage in my opinion

It will be great when your partner loves your soul. This will be amazing when your partner feels your soul instead off your body while sex.

hmmm....sentive questions a marriage without sex will be no more romantic. Is just like staying with a family like a siblings.