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If a woman is unable to have sex with her husband, should she allow her husband to have other partners and maintain the marriage? **Husband has moderately high sex drive.

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Firstly, is she honestly okay with sharing her husband with another woman? Secondly, why is she unable to have intercourse with her husband? Is it due to medical reasons? Is it due to Low placenta etc? For this maybe both should sit down and talk, see a gynae etc. The husband may or may not understand but until they’ve talked about it, and come to an agreement then I’d say there’s no harm in trying ways to make a marriage work. I mean hey, if it works for them, why not? If both parties do not feel guilty at the end of the day, why not? For majority, I’d say it’s sick and totally out of the question. For some, perhaps it’s okay. I don’t know, to each its own.

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From what I have seen, it would first be worth having the couple look into any medical or emotional issues that could be causing them difficulties. A polyamorous relationship is a possibility if both are willing and open to it, but it is something not to be entered into lightly, and is something that likely requires clarity of communication and honesty if it is going to work well and take care of the needs and wants of all parties.

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Can he accept if one day his can't erect and assuming you need to be fulfilled through other man? If he loves you, he should be understanding and accept it. Perhaps, DIY.

No... I can’t handle that. These kind of issues should have been talked about before marriage if possible. Body compatibility is quite important...

urm I'm sure no wife would like it when their husband have sex with another person.. it all depends on you though.

Hell NO, I would feel emotionally cheated if he were to do that. I’m sorry if you are experiencing such a thing

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no.. husband and wife should talk and work it out together. sex is not everything


omg sound so wrong. I am sorry I won't be able to share that piece with others.

i can’t say for any woman but i wouldn’t be able to 😣

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The couple must seek medical help to resolve this problem