Do you believe that your spouse's upbringing has a great impact on how he would raise his family now?

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No, I do not think so. I have seen that my inlaws have raised their kids in a very closed and orthodox environment but my husband has not imbibed any of that character in his nature. And I do not see him carrying those things and applying those things to our child. But, yes, I think, he must have got the values to be an honest and truthful person from his parents which he displays in his character and I would want that thing to come naturally to my daughter.

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I think so. My hubby feels that his dad is useless by not able to speak up against his family when his mum is bullied, and continued to stay in a small flat with his family even though they already have him and his brother and things only get better when all siblings married and left them the house. Luckily my hubby understand this is obviously not ok and we got our own house once we have our child.

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Well! It is bound to happen because how we are raised is what we become. So, I think that his upbringing does have and impact on how he deal with kids, and how he wants them to behave in a particular situation and in how he guides them in a certain way. And I think that has come from his upbringing.

Yes, absolutely. In just the same way that our upbringing has an impact on our family. It's a great thing if he can discern what's great and what's not about his upbringing OR he will value the family you are building to work on being better than how his family had been while he was growing up.

Yes, tatz for sure. My hubby's mindset is how he has been been brought up. Both of us hv a very diff upbringing & e way we do things r a total opposite! I get pissed off countless times bcos of e way he do things. Upbringing is very impt as it impact our lives & future.

I think, yes. It has a big impact to how he would treat his wife and children. For sure, he would apply whatever he got used to and what he thinks is right (sometimes not) when he was growing up.

Definitely. Not only for our spouse but also for ourselves. We are who we are based on upbringing, environmental, experience and our own personality.

Depends on circumstances & I think it's different for everyone.