Should i be worry

baby does not call papa mama. 22 months old and still not talking except reading alphabets or numbers . Should i be worry

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Hi, any updates? What did the doctor say? So is it a cause for worry if my child can say out all alphabets and numbers but have not talk or communicate yet?

Hey, No need to worry a lot as every baby has a different development pace. But do consult your PD as well on this.

better to let your PD know.

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Let your Pd know. And let them assess if your child has any speech delay.

Let ur pd know. Some babies is slower

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Hi Jessica, was in similar situation as you before. Went to polyclinic for the routine checkup, mentioned the concerns and got referred to KKH dept of Child development. Diagnosed with slight speech delay and was given appts for speech therapy where children and assessed at the sessions and caregivers are taught techniques to guide your child. I also found out about an online program called Geminii, its actually targeted at autistic, non/low-verbal/speech delay children but it seemed to really work for my kid too. Google it and give it a try, there is a short free trial period. Early intervention is so important as there is a short window of opportunity to address the situation and caregivers need to learn how to help the child to learn. It isn't always instinctive, even teachers need to be taught how to teach. As parents, we can arm ourselves with knowledge to help our kids succeed and never say no to learning. Jiayou mummy!

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perhaps not just yet. once mine started after 2yo, couldnt stop yakking 😂

Maybe got speech delay. If worry can consult specialist. But normally is ok. Once they start to open mouth to talk you really hope they keep quite. Lol

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Maybe baby knows, just got character dont like to talk. Reading alphabets is higher level than papa mama.

Some develop later Consult ur pd as well