10m plus not yet speak mama baba

Should i be worry for my LO, she have yet to speak mama baba

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Still early!

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Ekkk still so early!!!

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Be patient, it's still early ☺️

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Every baby has their own pace. Should not worry :)

dun worry, my lo 14 months. only call papa n not mama. haha

my LO is 14months and he hasnt speak mam too. only papa. so sad

It’s still early, my son starts saying mama when he was close to 1yr old

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Dun worry about having to hit milestones. Converse with them more, read more books. It will come when they are ready :)

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My daughter only said baba and mama properly at almost 2 yo 😂 The average age is around 14 months. Don’t worry. Now my girl talks non stop