2 years old toddler still cant talk , is it Speech delay

I have a 2 year old boy , he didnt call papa or mama ... And he refuse to call anyone. He love writing and he can recognize 0-9 and A-Z and simg abc song but just didnt speak or read words . Should I be worry ? Is it speech delay ? Any parents who had kids who had speech delay can share some experience too ?

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My younger daughter didn't speak till almost she was 3 year old and she is so talkative now. At that time, few MOs told us be mentally prepared she is autistic. We were not worry as we always mentally prepared what given to us. We still bring her for follow up and she suddenly spoke so well and fluently when the doctor asked her to count numbers, read alphabets and draw shapes. I still remember that day clearly, she replied the doctor 1-20+ till doctor stopped her; A for apple, b for boy, c for....till Z finished with cheeky smile; she drew triangle, circle, square though not very nice. The doctor was amazed and told us she is gifted, who said she is autistic, she is just slow in speech or refuse to speak. So please don't worry, your son should be fine. Every child is different, don't be stress ok? 🌈💪

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My daughter started talking late too, after 2yo. She couldn’t sing or recognise the alphabet at that time... but she caught up and exceeded expectations later on. Haha. Can’t even ask her to keep quiet now. Lol. But anyway, what’s important is that your son is able to maintain eye contact and have meaningful interactions with people around him at this point. Otherwise, you may want to seek some help?

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2y ago

Feel so stressful

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Some start late but may turn out to be more talkative than those who start early. Was told by polyclinic healthcare that I do not have to worry yet but I asked for a referral just in case & almost sent mine to a specialist but he started yakking since 3yo. Now I sometimes wish for quiet😅

Some children might be late talkers and only start talking after 2 years old especially if they're being exposed to too many languages at once. However, continue interacting with them, reading and singing to them.

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Don’t worry my boy 3yrs then started talking .. am I worried like u , each kid is different so no need to worry


My lo of 2yo now also cannot talk, everything ah ah ah. Currently in early intervention and having speech therapy.

1y ago

Hi, my lo is under eipic. Can get ur pd to do referral.

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It's totally fine! (: