9mo Can't Say Mama

Hi mommies, does 9mo able to say mama papa or any syllable? My baby is not saying yet, should I be worry?

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Don’t worry Some Babies just start talking late My not only started after 12 months and initially we were worried But once he started he couldn’t stop Girls normally talk earlier than boys But if you are really worried Speak to pd and check

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Children have different levels of development. Some can start as early as 10 months while others start around 1.5-2 years old. No need to stress and just allow your baby to develop in his/her own time

Generally nothing to worry. Each child starts saying words at different ages. Give it a few more months. If still worried, just check with your doctor on the next visit.

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My boy now going 18 months, able to say a few syllables but wont call me mama or his daddy papa. I guess he is doing this on purpose 😂

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Not to worry as every baby is developing at different pace. My lo only able to start saying mama etc after 14 months old.

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Mine almost one year old. I ask her where is mama/papa she show the sign "don't have" by shaking both her hands

Hey, not to worry. You can find more here: https://sg.theasianparent.com/when-do-babies-talk/amp

Don't be worried. Every kid is different :) All the best and it will come eventually

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No need to worry. Converse with your child more often. She/he’ll get there :)

No worries. Will come eventually. Keep trying conversing with ur baby