9mo Can't Say Mama

Hi mommies, does 9mo able to say mama papa or any syllable? My baby is not saying yet, should I be worry?

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Hey, not to worry. You can find more here: https://sg.theasianparent.com/when-do-babies-talk/amp

Don’t worry It’s quite normal Some can only speak at 15mo

Don't be worried. Every kid is different :) All the best and it will come eventually

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Dont worry. Keep trying

No worries. Will come eventually. Keep trying conversing with ur baby

Give your baby some time...Soon your baby will be babbling non stop!

Hi, It is completely fine:) All kids have their own pace to develop

I think it's ok. Kids develop at different pace

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My boy now going 18 months, able to say a few syllables but wont call me mama or his daddy papa. I guess he is doing this on purpose 😂

Some babies take their own time to learn speech.