This app is so helpful! Every one here are so nice to share their advices and tips. As a first time mum I am so nervous about my parenting skills so im glad there is a forum Like this that can help asnwer my questions

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I feel you and I agree with you! Super thankful I found this app! Really helped me go through the initial stage of motherhood (staying up late/little sleep - spent my time reading questions, comments and articles) Everything I want to know, I just search here or can just ask. Love the community ❤️

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Agree agree! I’m also a first time mom, This app helps me connect to mommy community who shares their experience ☺️ you can ask anything here. This app also share news updates 😊

I really love the rewards and contests! There's always some new and exciting contest to look forward to. I really like the pregnancy tracker too.


It is great to have such support. Makes mummies realise there is a community to support them in their path to mummyhood!

Yes this app is really helpful. I was a first time mum too, so the community has been great with their tips and advices

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I love this app where we can get many parenting info which knowledge and ideas r generously shared and discussed

It’s nice to know that us parents are all going through the same thing! It’s a great community 🤗

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Welcome to the community. Glad that you’re enjoying it. We are all here for you. Happy parenting

I agree! It can be very overwhelming for first time parents.. But great that we're here now

Congrats on your newborn! Very exciting time for you. I find the app very helpful too