Please need some helpful advice

I am going to be 21weeks pregnancy and I am suffering super suffocation and feels something stuck on my throat..I feel so scared and depressed that it’s feels like a panic attack when I go through all those things.Check with Doctors all reports like ECG,Blood tests everything ok,so how to deal with this things,plz help me.I really feel so scared that my life stops somewhere,sad,worried,forget to laugh..

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Super Mum

I feel you. I had a similar episode when I was 28 weeks pregnant. Felt like I couldn’t breathe when I was travelling in a car. It felt so claustrophobic. I had to force myself to take deep breaths, adjust my seat position, wind down the windows and think of something else. I think it had to do with my big tummy pressing against my chest when I was in the car. Since your medical checks are ok, no need to be scared! Try to think of the triggers that may cause these panic attacks and avoid them if possible. Relax and think positive. Think about your baby, think about the joy and laughter in your life...

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