Can anyone tell me why mother in law care for baby so much? My mil is one but she don't seems like care for me and my husband feeling. Before I was pregnant, we were like stranger and hardly talk eventhough we are staying under one roof. However, she started to show lot concerns after I was pregnant and typical mil dil problems arises after baby birth. Why?!!

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Same thing here. Did ur mil took care of ur husband when he was baby? I just realised that mine didn't. So now with the new grand daughter she wants to get involved in everything.

Hope things are better for you

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high5. same issue 🌚

same,no choice need to tolerate

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Oh well...🤷 Best to ignore or talk to your husband about it.

And why do most of us experience this. Why ah. Why hor. Sad rite? I hope we all be better mother in laws in the future, love and care our daughter in laws like our own 💕

3mo ago

I really hope so as I want my children to have great Awesome mils too😊

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Well, they’re always like that.

same! tired of dealing with mine. Acting like im invisible and only the son n kids r visible. Typical...

same! i feel youuu

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