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At what age do you allow your kids to have pets?
After secondary school
I’m not really into having pets so we’ll probably not have any. But in general, having pets is a commitment and if they really do want to get one, they will need to demonstrate to me that they have th
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From newborn we had a cat and dog
Afraid of animals. So nope until they’re married/ have their own house haha
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When they are ready
To lah or not to lah?
Do you think kids should use singlish?
Teach proper English at home. They will learn Singlish outside and be able to codeswitch when necessary.
I think they will pick it up naturally once they start school and having friends. Its totally fine in my opinion.
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While it’s only me and the family she’s interacting with, I will be strict in teaching my girl proper English with correct pronunciation. Once she starts going to Primary School, it is inevitable for
I feel as a SINGAPOREAN SINGLISH will start to run in blood ... So need not worri much
Saving for children
How much do you save for your children?
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Aye not much? I dunno. They should be able to learn how to fend for themselves by 20
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I try to set aside as much as I can monthly. I think $200-$300 is good
At least $100/month in a separate account
I opened bank account for them and put money in monthly
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I took a saving plan from aia it's educational plus saving plan of 50k at the age of 16yo.