How much do you give your mother or Mother-in-law for taking care of your baby? Who is the one who gives, Husband or Wife?

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i take care of myself of my matter wht if we had extra money my huby will give to MIL for pocket money...whether is more or less we still give wht we hv...a blessed if we give money to them with sincerity.

I'm giving my mil $300 for taking care of my baby.. but we supply all the necessary baby stuff.. (milk, diapers, etc) is it too little?

3y ago

300, but all the necessary stuffs, we buy ourselves

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Nope, we don’t give them anything. But we pay for all of our kids stuff and don’t let them spend on our child

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a shared amount from husband and wife. Though i care for my kids myself. i still give my mil $200 a month

My husband gives. I tried giving my mil! she is constantly rejecting

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i only give my mother $300 monthly. MIL i dont give..husband give.