Anyone else has a Monster who destroys their own toys? My little Monster is 1 and just destroyed her toy piano!

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yes! my little boy destroys his toys too. i think they are just very rough.

🙈 I hope she didn't put that in her mouth!!

Curious minds!

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My monster destroys our mobiles .. what to do 😥

Oh yes my boy alwaysss destroys his toys , sometimes on the same day i buy him.

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That happens lol. They'll learn to be more responsible as they get older

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I feel most of the young children are destroyers.. LOL. But, they all would become caring after we show and guide them.

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Lol! My LO

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Mine too. She loves to explore too much! She loves kitchen stuffs more than her toys!

Omg! I have a little destructor at home too