How to get my kid to play with her toys for longer?

She gets bored of each toy after a few mins - and has soo many toys already!!

How to get my kid to play with her toys for longer?
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Play with them, make things out of it. Use imagination

All kids are the same. For me, I will only give them 1 box of toy. The rest I will keep, alternate the toys when they are bored with it.


She needs mommy to play with her

Play with her

play together with her

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Play together with them. Demonstrate if it’s too challenging.

I don’t think it’s the type of toys. More toys doesn’t help. Parental involvement is very important when it comes to play with your child, so perhaps try to be with her and play together? Being consistent about this over time can help

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Change the toys often and hide them out of sight. Go to friend's house to play if they have kids or invite them over. Go to some indoor playground.

Swap toys with your parents friends

This is pretty normal, but if you play with your LO she will be less bored :)

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