Day 3 after giving birth - baby is a milk monster and keeps latching every 1 hour, each latch abt 45 mins. And my nipples are damn sore already. What to do?

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Are your breasts hard? Baby might be latching so often cause she may not be getting access to your milk flow - check if any milk is actually flowing out by pinching and squeezing your nipples

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Check the latch. If your baby latches correctly, your nipples shouldn't hurt at all. It could be taking longer because of your baby's improper latch. He suckles longer because he isn't full yet. Use your hand to cup the side of your breast so it looks like a sandwich and place it in baby's mouth. Continue latching your baby. Your body will regulate the milk supply. It is common to have oversupply when you first start lactating.

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The more baby suckles, the more milk you make. Make sure the latch is correct and watch for wet diapers. Hang in there, the first 6 weeks are the hardest.