After recovering from fever, my pee start to get very very yellow everytime I go to the toilet even if I drink water. this don't happen before I got sick :/ isit normal?

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If its just the pee color and not pain and nothing else, it's probably the liver is detoxing. Do you drink up to 8 glass of water a day? It need some time to flush and detox. If pee has a strong smell throughout the day then please seek doctor's advice. :)

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Drink lots of plain water and monitor for 4 days. If situation doesn’t change or improve, please consult your doctor

Maybe the vit B from the multivitamins tht u took doesn't absorb as well.. Drink more water and see how

Esp if its dark yellow its a sign of dehydration. Drink extra water than yr usual intake.

Absolutely normal. It’ll take a while. Keep yourself hydrated

You sound dehydrated. Drink more water

Drink more water


Drink more water See gynae

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Try to drink more plain water and monitor.