Very dark and yellow urine with pungent

I am 4w4d, I noticed my urine is getting very dark and yellow with very pungent smell since bfp. I have already drink a lot of water Could it be due to too many vitamin and supplements? Or is this normal?

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Since you are drinking plenty of water, your urine shouldn't be in dark yellow color. I assume you don't have abdomen pain or burning sensation when you urine as this may be due to urinary tract infection. The color and smell could be due to excess vitamin. Try only consume supplements prescribed by your gynaecologist. The condition should improve. If it doesn't, please consult your gynaecologist. Take care.

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Your kidneys work extra hard during pregnancy. But if you are drinking lots of water, then it shouldn’t be dark nor pungent. For me, i try not to over supplement. Just take what the gynae prescribe and it should be enough. If there’s still no changes, please ask your gynae.

I think it is because of iberet folic, i eat this multi vitamin before sleep, and it contains iron supplements, and my first urine is most yellow