Yellow pee in the morning, is it a cause of concern!?

Currently in 1st Trimester entering 2nd Trim. I can sleep thru the night but my pee is always very yellow by morning even though i try to drink enough water before going to bed. Througgout the day pee is almost clear. Do you think its a cause for concern? #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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Super Mum

Hey mama, First off, congratulations. It’s normal for you to be dehydrated first thing in the morning and therefore the colour of your pee - despite you drinking lots before heading off to bed. Do note that your body needs a lot more water now - the amniotic fluid for baby alone contains mostly water :) The increase in certain hormone levels can also cause this to happen. I thought this was a really interesting read and thought you might like to have a look: Hope this helps and take care!

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Usually when i do not get up at night my pee is aways yellow in the morning despite drinking enuf.

are you taking vitamin b? it cause my urine to be v yellow too

Super Mum

nope. don't worry