Pungent urine smell

Sorry.. i have been having this pungent urine smell everytime i go to the toilet. So uncomfortable with the smell.. Am currently in my 19 weeks. Is it normal? Anyone experiencing like this before? Will it eventually go away?

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Mine was very bad & I thought it was due to my prenatals. Then I tested protein in my urine & turns out I had UTI. No pain or blood in urine. Just pungent smell & urge to pee. I thought it was the baby pressing. Just check with your gynae; it’s common and easy to cure!

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Urinary tract infections can definitely happen during pregnancy. Please let your gynae know about it and do the urine test to check, so you can get treated if needed

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I had a similar concern (dark yellow urine and a stronger smell) and gynae mentioned that the prenatals we’re taking do cause it too. Just a heads up!

Me too! Gynae says it’s due to the prenatal too tell me not to worry and that during preg sense of smell drastically improves

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I guess it’s normal cause I had it too back then