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Recently I got the pee feeling but once I go to toilet then no pee at all. Is this normal

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It is because of the pressure from your growing uterus! I had the same issue too but I would pee very little. As long as your private area doesn't hurt when you pee, it shouldn't be UTI.

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It’s normal. It’s due to the growing uterus pressing on the bladder causing the urge feeling to pee.

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Yes all the time! I always felt urgent go to toilet every hour but only few drops 😂

2y ago

It’s normal.

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Yup normal... baby is probably pressing on ur bladder. .

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Yup normal cause baby is pressing on your bladder

Yes as long as it doesn’t hurt. It’s normal!

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so long no pain or burning feeling shld be okie

Usually got.but very little few drops. Lol

Yes is normal

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It's normal