Toddler has developed fears

My 2 yo has suddenly developed a fear for strange noises. He thinks it is a mouse, and rushes to close the door leading to a passage in our flat. How to get rid of this fear? We never talk of any monsters, nor try to intimidate him with anything. He is not even scolded at, at home or daycare. Thanks for the help.

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There are nightmares as well...

3y ago

nightmares or night terrors are pretry common for toddlers. it happen to my child too but only for a very short period. happened when he just turn 2 for about a week. i gives him a warm bath before bedtime every night, so it helps him to relax. you can try that too. i also dont encourage any stimulating activities just before bedtime,so no tv, playing with phone, running, screaming. just have a nice bath in the tub, soak ans relax, change pyjamas, maybe read a bedtime story, lights off by 8.30pm every night.