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The money i saved in my bank account is (as i planned since i got pregnant) to be used only for the incoming marriage (church or civil, either way is fine), for when i will be at the hospital when the baby comes and for any possible near in the future problems in my term with the baby (hopefully none). I also gave up a portion of it for my husband's overdue tuition that his parents gave up paying thus he was not able to continue his studies(for how many years already,l(in a private school at that). I also planned it to be used for his schooling this coming semester, in a much affordable school. When i paid for his overdue tuition and promised to help him finish his studies, i made a deal with him that everything with the money will only be ours, i will not share it with his family since his family did not even completed their responsibility with him. They treated him as if he is already a done deal and instead is trying to help with the studies of his other siblings who even has their own families already. Now then the problem is his mom was diagnosed with a myoma(i think), and is in need to be operated. They already have 2 of the 5 siblings who are working in the hospital with good pay. The other 2 is still in school and my husband, he has a job but then is not enough even for our daily expenses. Thus he tried asking me to at least share some for his mom. But I stayed firm and told him that the money is limited until i was able to deliver the baby. He got mad... We fought... Well I still said no. Should i agree to give them a portion of it? But what if we would not have anymore enough for the hospital? We cant ask anything from them anymore, since i know later they wouldnt have any money too. I also dont want to ask anything from my family either since my sis is almost to be unemployed this year and my dad is already a senior, and being sustained only thru pensions.. His family loves me (i think) and is treating my like their own daughter. But i still hated the way they treated my husband as if they are done with their responsibilities with him in his schooling.

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Just keep the money, your baby needs it more than anyone. You'll never know how much you'll be needing to spend for your delivery. It's his siblings responsibility. It looks like his parents doesn't approve to your relationship. It's your money, your decision.

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His family's treatment with me is ok, more like a daugther too.. However i just hate it that they are good to me but is not thinking of the good of my husband. I dont need their help. It is my husband who needs them. His siblings are now saying that they dont have much as of this moment. They are trying to find ways, more like utang as of this moment from other people.

If you could help take it as a chance to show your kindness, to love even those who are unlovable. God will repay all your good deeds.

It is still your decision to make because you earned that money.

Keep your money. You'll never know when you'll need it.