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PTA went wrong. 4 year old judged heavily on academics while nothing is being taught

My daughter is 4 and goes to a "inquiry based learning" preschool. Needless to say she doesn't come home with any homework. Neither do the parents get any emails or suggestions about what to work at home with the child. There are no textbooks either. I don't have a problem with it because I consider this is the age to play and that's how it is. Their topics are about "Recycling" and "Baby growth in womb". (with photos of many stages of baby growing in the womb) and showing ultrasound photos of the babies. I considered all this to be part of the modern liberal approach to teaching. However the PTA didn't go like that There were a lot of COMPLAINTS about How she didn't know to find the number 25 from blocks How she didn't read or learn to read words How she doesn't recognize January from July. All this without even a single instance of teaching A to Z. Or phonics. There is no mention of phonics anywhere in the curriculum. They are not asking parents to teach them anything. Year round we get emails every week. No materials are given to parents. Nothing. There are kids who the parents work with at home , presuming using their own materials, or who go to enrichment centers like kumon, and who do a good work in school. But is this really how it should be? They also showcase children's skills (which they didn't gain from school) in their newsletters. Like how a kid is writing till 50. (They aren't teaching or even attempting to teach any of this) Its like there are exams, but nothing is being taught. Is this normal? I am very new to Singapore and this is also my first child. After all of this, I was sent home saying, I better hurry up because Singapore has an aggressive education system. (While they are doing ABSOLUTELY nothing about it) I spoke to some other parents. Some of them who got negative feedback, just liked to believe that their kid is just backward and the other kids are "brilliant" These kids are 4 years old, and these kind of notions about the kids will scar them for life. And this is supposed to be a holistic teaching place which charges me 2000$ per month. Please help. Is this normal?

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