Ghost Stories

My parents house in La Union was not occupied for a long time since my parents spent most time in our family restaurant and all kids lived in different provinces for school. When I got married and was pregnant, my parents let my husband and I live in our family house so that we could take care of the house and have it for own (in the mean time). Since it was just my husband and myself at that time, and the house was so quiet because nobody lives there before us, it was a bit scary. There was this one night, my husband and I home from visiting my parents in our family restaurant, and when we got home, there was this chilling feeling like something was there. Our room was the furthest into the house and was right next to the back door leading to the back of the house, so in order to get to our room, you have to pass through the kitchen the hallway and all other rooms before you get there. We knew that before we left the house we close all doors to every room, and once we step into the hallway, we saw the doors were all open. We didn’t even try going in any further, we went back out of the house right away and ate dinner out. That night, when we went back after cooling down and brushing it off, I had a dream. I dreamt that there was a girl or something that was in our bathroom (we had a bathroom in our bedroom). She was peaking at us as we slept and that was my dream for the night. The next morning, my husband said that he could hear me talking to someone as i slept, asking what they were doing in our room and how they got in. He said he was too scared to move and wake me up, so he just laid there in fear. For the next week, we slept at my parent’s restaurant. #MagandangGabi

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