Do u and your other half go to bed at the same time every day? Any consequences if both parties sleep at different times or do not have their bedtime chat then?

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I think it’s okay sometimes, but it’s really important to maintain good communication, and show affection for one another. A strong marriage is so important for the security of the children.. and someday when the children grow up and move out, or even just want to spend more time with their friends, it’s good that your relationship with your spouse is still loving and thriving, so you can enjoy each other’s company even more, and not start from scratch again

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usually i will sleep first because once he comes home from work, we will spend time eating together while watching show together or sometimes we watch a movie. then once all that is done, he will help me with whatever chores i didnt manage to do while i head to bed. then he will take the time to play his game. sometimes we will just lay in bed and talk until we fall asleep together. i think it's okay as long as you dont have unresolved issues with each other.

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I try to watch some tv with my husband/or at least be around him doing my thing on my mobile or laptop, and go to sleep together at the same time. It fosters a closer bond, as we wake up different times in the morning:) so we're doing one thing together!

hub and me sleep same time every night. i think its quite impt as a couple to sleep at same time every night. i look forward to chatting about our day and snuggling before we sleep

Will have dinner n watch tv together but i will sleep first.. he usually play his games after tv time.. and im usually very tired 😂😂😂

I think sometimes it can’t be helped. but we try to set aside time for each other on weekends before bed

We do but there are times one of us would fall asleep first. But we try to have a chat prior to sleeping.

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nope, we even sleep in different room, she put the eldest to sleep, I sleep with #2 baby

We go to bed at the same time on most days, unless either one of us needs to clear work

I always make up for conversation whenever we're both free. It's all about the effort