Does your Husband wait for u to go to bed together at night during bedtime ? Or he will just go to sleep first on his own ? My hubby likes me to sleep together at the same time , so he will usually wait for me but there are nights I need to rush some work n he feels disappointed if I don't turn in together with him during bedtime.

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I thought it’s quite sweet if hubby wants to go to bed tgt.. but i guess he needs to be understanding that you have serious work to do.. My hubby and I will usually wait for each other unless really tired and have to turn in first.

We usually wait for each other before going to bed. Of course there are instances whereby we cant do that due to work or other commitments and thats okay. Its a very give and take routine.

Usually we go together but I tend to fall asleep much faster than him. But if I need to work longer hours and he’s tired then I’ll ask him to proceed first

He always sleep first..and we sleep separate room as he take care the older kids and I take care the youngest one..

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My hubby will sleep first. Just let him know you be busy and get him to sleep first. Say u will join him shortly

We try to accommodate each other's schedule but don't always manage to go to bed at the same time.

Either one of us will sleep first because too tired and we're both fine and understanding with it.

We sleep separately with one kid each. So doesn't matter. LOL!

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I am the one waiting for him so we can sleep together 😂

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Nope ...Hubs sleeps later than me(: