I'm bringing my 9 months old overseas next week .. first time bringing my LO overseas. Wanna ask .. where do u usually let your LO sleep in hotel ? On bed ? Or bedcot? If bedcot , do u bring your own or get from hotel ? My fren told me the hotel's bedcot is usually v dirty , is it true ? If sleep on bed, my concern is they will roll down , so there must be someone to keep an eye at all times.

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I went to a few places where no cot was available. so I co sleep with my LO. I requested for more pillow so I could fence up the other side of the bed. Those hotels with cot, I will request and place my LO to sleep inside the cot. So far the cot I received are pretty clean.

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you can request a cot. The cot is clean! But i still co-sleep with my LO. you have to be more alert and sensitive to your LO during their sleep.

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we co sleep with our lo.. i n light sleeper . Cot depend on hotel. sometimes baby also dont want their cot.