Parents that we can’t choose

Just wondering if anyone grew up in a not so conducive environment? Growing up my father always like to throw things around the house whenever he gets angry. I never knew this was wrong until much later. My mum wld always tolerate him and ask us not to make him angry. But now that I have a toddler in the same household, he doesn’t throw things but he likes to slam door and shout loudly. My mum on the other hand likes to criticise us whatever we do, calling us stupid, fat, poor etc. Never receive any compliments from them. I feel bad for my toddler because I wonder how much of this he’s taking in. We still have at least 2 more years to stay with them before my new flat arrives. Can’t wait to move out.

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Try to find a rental place to stay in until you get the keys to your new house. Your environment is not good for your growing child. He sees & watches what the adults do and may probably do the same growing up. I have toxic parents. Cut story short, they were very protective and controlled my 1st born, also their 1st grandchild. I felt like I was not my child's mother although I gave birth to him. For 10 yrs I endured everything including me not able to take my child to live with me until I took things on my own hand & threatened to make a police report against them. My son on the other hand has so much of their influence, I had a hard time 'taming' him. I told and adviced him of the consequences of him following his grandparents way of influencing him. Thankfully, 7 yrs of living with me now, he has shown so much improvement, my way of living. I am not saying I'm a good parent but I know how it feels like to have that kind of parents and I never wish I was like them.

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