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Why everyone says Happy Married Life but there is no Happiness after marriage.. why to get married why can’t we stay single ... why to have babies n later we feel just to live for them only .. why we have to born n die again .. why life sucks always .. A happy n sad why immediate.. why sad can’t stay lil longer .. ?

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Hey mummy, hugs to you!! Maybe the idea of “happy married life” is what’s been fed to us. Even after marriage, happiness is not guaranteed. It has to be worked hard for. For those who stay single, does that mean that they will experience happiness that can be achieved if they weren’t married? Maybe not as much, who knows? Having a child is something so precious not every one will get a chance at. Believe you’ve done your best, mummy. Take a deep breath ❤️

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Life is a gift from the Almighty. We are given free will to live it. We can appreciate this gift and be grateful or we can choose to complain and suffer in this life. Happiness can be achieved by a married couple or by a single person. The opposite that is sadness can be felt by both group too. How we feel is all in our hands. You decide.

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I think you need a BIG HUG! your life..it's up to you to live and create. you can see it as a huge suffering or look for the many things to be happy and grateful for. create the happiness you're looking for. only you can give yourself happiness. :)

Hey be positive! There’s plenty to be thankful for! If you have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a roof above your head, you are better off than so many ppl out there 😊

Hi dear, Cheer up! Whatever the situation, will be fine.