Just to rant n need ur view

We have a house but we didnt moved in. Its renovated n everything is in and the place we did occassion stay n play area for kids etc .. And FIL ask hubby to pass him key saying his friend want buy that area he want bring the person go see.. Do u think u will pass him if u was me? Am i wrong if I reject ? I feel that its our own house why should I pass key since the friend we also dont know and even if friend want buy house why come our house when we are not the seller. Isnt it weird . I m the owner why cannot when we at home then come meh... I feel so pissed n dont know what to say 🤬 What 's your view ?

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no never ever fall for this pass key bullshit. Maybe theres more to it then wanna show friend the place. If things get too much jus change to a digital lock with fingerprint regconition.

Ask your husband to tell his father to bring his friend over on those dates you all will be around. Compromise a date so that your father-in-law will not feel not respected.


I won't pass key. I will tell him in a nice way that you can arrange that person to come over when we are there or let us know when and we can arrange something.

Don’t pass the key to him. It’s you and your husband’s house. Any issue regarding the house, you both should be present and notified.

What nonsense. NEVER pass your key to him! If he really wants to then you guys need to be ard.

It’s your own house.

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Dont trust anyone