Why do people want to have children? - children’s loveliness makes parents happy (but I don’t see the indispensability of this happiness), - children add freshness to the family (that's why many couples don’t stop having children—isn't it rather because they get bored by themselves in life and cannot find a way to have fun?) - “raising” a child successfully (that he/she grows to be a successful one) fulfills one's unrealized goals/ unsatisfied dreams/ego. - children can take care of their parents when they grow old (a well-developed modern society should be able to without much difficulty), what else could be a true appealing/irresistible reason/incentive other than just a routine/tradition (because everyone else does this) or instinct or a way to get someone to inherit their legacy for a couple to have a child/children? Conversely, why might it be appropriate and expected that all individuals should conscientiously choose a childfree lifestyle or not?

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For me, I didn't so like babies because to me they cry at everything n is irritating, but I had my first Son because to me is like it is the norm. After getting married, I should have children to make up a family. But after being a Mother, I feel that it changes me a lot. It makes me more patient towards everything in life. Seeing the little one grow up Everyday, seeing his smiles just warm my heart. The innocence, sweetness of my little one sweet gestures towards me is something which I did not expect. Instead of my little one needing me, I think I need him more now

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You can only wonder or assume but you will never truly know or feel unless u really have one of your own. You may not understand y children make parents happy or think that they add freshness to the family until u have one urself.