Why do bby grow up so fast? Bby is only 9 days old and can see his features change and am sad to see and know that as time goes by, he is gonna grow up super fast and by the time he can alrd walk and talk . ? i think my hormones are still not steady yet ?

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Hormones can cause baby blues in the first few weeks/months. Baby will grow and change and that is totally normal! Think about it, wouldn't we as mums be more concerned if our child doesn't grow and thrive as they should? Be happy and glad that baby is growing and well! Cherish the moments with baby and take lots of pictures for memories :)

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Ya. Hormone will make mummy abit unsteady. One day i bring my LO (3mth plus) to attend bestie wedding. I looked at my husband n say, 'u see, in 25yrs time down the road, it will be our girl gettin married' 🤣🤣

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😭😭 i read ur comment, also emo alrd

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Think on the bright side. There are many mummies who want to have a child but can’t. We are very fortunate to be able to have a healthy baby who is growing well :)

You will be thrilled and happy to see your LO unlocking and achieve his milestones soon :)

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That's life, they grow fast in a blink of an eye

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Is like that . Tine flies. n they grow

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That’s part and parcel of life...

Cherish and capture all moments!

Well, that’s life.

Yeah bb grow fast