water retention

At which month will water retention start and feet get swollen? How do you reduce it? What causes it

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I didn’t get water retention at all. The key is to drink lots of water. Wear compression socks to slp. And prop your leg up by putting a pillow underneath your leg

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Mine was 3-4 weeks before giving birth but my mum massage my legs all the time so it intend to get to normal size every evening 😂

I didnt get retention too.. I did lots of stretching, walking and also drink 2.4-3litrs of plain water a day to hydrate myself.

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Wow thats a lot. Im struggling to even drink up 1.5l

Just drink lots of water can help with water retention!

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Trimester 3 I felt. The last leap I swollen up.

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It can start from 2nd trimester onwards

U can try to drink red bean soup

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Drink more water to reduce it


Drink water.