feet water retention!

hello! im having water retention at my feet how should i elevate my legs? is it as simple as resting my leg on my bed frame while on the bed? and for how long should i do it everyday? ty!

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I think you're supposed to lift your legs to above heart level for a few minutes everyday to prevent blood pooling For me I sleep with compression socks and legs raised on a pillow! My husb also massages my legs every night before bed 😁 Gynae also said taking calcium tablets will help. Drink lots of water too!

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Elevating your legs using a pillow when you sleep would help :) my friends also swear by staying hydrated. Drink lots of water! It does not actually cause water retention but helps you to reduce it instead.

I had prenatal massage on weekly basis from wee 34 and it help to reduce water retention greatly

I lay on the sofa and put my feet on the armrests for 5minutes. Swimming also helped.

I drank red bean soup to reduce the swelling from water retention. It helps!

elevating on pillows will be more comfortable