when did your babies start walking? any tips to help them start walking earlier? :)

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To be honest, there is no point in speeding up the walking process as they won’t unless they are physically ready. And so, you might end up spending good money on things like walkers, which, by the way, are not recommended for babies. Most babies start walking any time between the ages of 11 through 14 months, depending on their readiness to walk. They will start walking with support first, and may continue doing it for a few months before they are confident enough to walk unsupported.

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Many people buy walkers for babies to speed up the walking process. However, crawling is actually best for babies to learn. Babies will walk sooner or later.. They get to practice their gross motor skills during the process of crawling and is good for their brain development as well. I have seen people who cannot walk properly(will tiptoe when they walk). This is due to putting baby in a walker for too long when baby is still not ready to walk.

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mine walked independently around 13-14 months. Don't think it's necessary to walk earlier as every child develop at different pace. when the child is ready he will be walking. keep encouraging your child when he starts to cruise around holding furnitures or push carts. nice pre walker shoes will help too.

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Mine start walking & standing on his own wto assistance when he turns 1 year old (12mos). you can practice carry walking holding his 2 hands up to guide. Or at first they will walk holding something onto something, try using the standing walker too (some walker you can adjust then speed)

My youngest started at 9 months and my older child, at past one year. Each child will take their own time. Meanwhile, watch out for signs of readiness like cruising. Avoid baby walkers as they can be dangerous.

1 years old. Initially she will hold on to something to support herself to walk. Then we slowly let her walk short distance unassisted. We hold something out to her, she walk to grab it and we move back.

Around 11 months. Have your baby bounce on your lap with their feet on your legs. This will strengthen their leg muscles, especially if they are still crawling or just starting to pull themselves up.

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Between 9 to 12 months and you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/teach-your-baby-to-walk

No need to make them walk earlier if they are not ready. Not good for their leg

One year. We encouraged her by getting her to walk from daddy to mummy