When did your back pain start?

How many weeks did your back pain start? Any tips for relief? Thanks!

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I felt mine on 11 weeks onwards it got so bad cos it spreads to my thigh. Doctor suggested paracetamol and Vitamin B for nerves. I only eat paracetamol if it’s beyond my tolerance. Otherwise it goes away slowly, yet still leaving u mild back aching.

Back pain started when I tested positive ard week 4 and lasted for a month until week 8. Hmm I didn’t do anything special. Just let the pain subside by itself

my backpain starts at 35- 36 weeks when pregnant with my LO . i try to lay flat or lay side ways . it will take time to go away ..

For first baby, 2nd trimester. For the current one, 1dt trimester can feel already. stretching exercises really help me a lot.


Mine only started at 20 weeks. Some nights the pain is so bad i can’t even sleep ):

My back was pain only when i was going into labour… like 39 wks 6 days…

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Only in my 3rd trimester.. occasionally.

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In my 3rd trimester