What’s the weirdest thing you always do to your child? I love sniffing her armpits. haha! :)

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I take bed sheet and make it fall like a parachute coming down. My daughter opens her arm and try to catch it and when it bed sheet lands on her she makes cute baby laughing sound & then for few seconds i play with her under bed sheet in dark which she enjoys and I enjoy even more :P

I love kissing their lips all the time. I guess this is not a weird thing to do. I remember when my son said want to latch for milk after he weaned off my breasts, I will pretend I want to drink from his nipple instead and both of us laughed hysterically.

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I like to bite them, not bite till they cry. Because it's very bouncy bouncy! But i really love kissing them, because in my eyes, they are too cute and lovely and when they make those cute attention that melts my heart, it's like so much loved in it.

I love how my nephew has smooth and chubby cheeks. I love love love kissing them and pretending to chew on them. The little sweetheart probably thinks I'm crazy when I do that but he laughs along anyway. #crazyauntalert

Smelling their breaths! Lol. I love smelling their armpits too. I love biting them, too, because most of the time, they're too irresistable and nakakagigil. But of course I make sure they don't get hurt

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My baby is still one month old and she doesn't smile yet (in fact she is always frowning), I always use my fingers to pull her cheeks up and make her smile. =D

Kissing and biting her bums. She cries and probably thinks its a punishment. but then i just kiss them both and have a good laugh.

My lo is 5 moths old and I love sniffing his mouth, lalo na after nya dumede. Masarap ding papakin ang maasim na leeg.haha

I loved my son's pout as a baby so I would make him cry just to see him pout!! My husband used to call me sadistic.

Biting his backside..hahaha I still do it until now especially when he refuses to wake up to prepare for school :)