Smartest thing you have witnessed

What’s the smartest thing that you have seen a child do?

Smartest thing you have witnessed
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Fast grasping

Play the violin way better than me

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Playing the piano like Beethoven 🤗

A three year old who could read a magazine from cover to cover

Super Mum

wiping off a stain he created, that i was thinking how to get rid of

she was disappointed for some reason and she looked down for few minutes before she went back being happy again. and ofc i reassured her after that. shes 3months old

Telling me not to go. It happened a week ago. He's just a 4-month old baby

9mo ago

No, he told me in bahasa Indonesia "Kakak jangan pergi." In English the translation is "Don't go, sister." He calls me sister not mother 😂