Toddler crying for weird reasons!

What is the weirdest thing your toddler cried for? Mine wants to wear the same clothes every single day! ??

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I heard from relatives that one of their granddaughter must wear her fav pj to school 🤣she strongly refused to change to playgrp uniform from home

4y ago


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Cry when daddy mummy talks for 5mins continue she wanna get into the conversation if nvr entertain her she will CRY OUT LOUD hahaahhahaha

Mine cried when i broke the egg shell. He tot i hurt the egg. Its a hard boiled egg btw. 😂

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My boy cries if I say no .. n says baby crying baby crying ..


My child cries for any electronic gadget he will see...

Mine cry cos it's not his favorite baby TV program 😂

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Hi... my child will cry if he misplaced his blankie...

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I stopped him from trying to eat my hairclip ...

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Always for mobile phones to watch cartoons.

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When her younger brother take her books