What's the difference between Braxton hicks contractions and real labour contractions?

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Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular. They might go away when you change positions or when you drink a glass of water. Real contractions will get stronger and more frequent with time - they will feel like strong menstrual cramps. If you experience more than four contractions in an hour, you may be in true labour, and you need to get to hospital immediately. Also watch out for other signs like your water breaking or a bloody show. Keep monitoring your baby's movements too - there should be at least 10 movements in 2 hours.

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10mo ago

About 10 movements in 2hours, I thought babies do sleep 90% of the day.

Braxton Hicks contractions are: 1. Not regular 2. Don't increase in intensity 3. Tend to be focused on tummy area 4. Not persistent You can find out more here: http://sg.theasianparent.com/difference-between-real-labour-and-braxton-hicks-contractions/

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Braxton-Hicks are 'false labor', it is a way to practice contractions that get your body ready for your baby’s arrival. Signs you’re having Braxton-Hicks contractions include: -contractions that come and go -contractions that don’t get stronger or closer together -contractions that go away when you change position or empty your bladder Real contractions happen when your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, which stimulates your uterus to contract. You can tell that you’re in true labor when the contractions are evenly spaced (for example, five minutes apart), and the time between them gets shorter and shorter (three minutes apart, then two minutes, then one). Real contractions will also get more intense and painful over time.Some other signs when it is a real labour contractions: - You will see "bloody show", mucus plug drops out - You may feel like the baby has “dropped” lower in your belly - You may experience fluid leaking from your vagina (water breaks) http://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/braxton-hicks-contractions-vs-real-contractions#2 For me, I downloaded smartphone Apps e.g. contractions tracker to track my pain interval. When the contractions are evenly spaced and shorter intervals, I am ready to go to hospital for labour.

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Braxton hicks is lighter than normal contractions you still will be able to go about your day and they won't be too many at the same time..contractions once they start you'll know because they'll be shorter periods of time in between

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Sumasakit yung tyan ko.

Natural lang ba na mag ka diarrhea?parati pa pong naninigas tyan ko. 36 weeks na po ako at previous CS po ako kaya ngayong 2nd pregnancy ko CS parin po ako.

2w ago

ako po constipated pero regular poop like every other day same time 930-10am kahit ang takaw ko sa water at I eat ripe papaya.. elective cs roo, currently 36wks 3days

ask LNG po..OK LNG lage naninigas tummy at malikot na masyado si baby sa subra likot medyo masakit po sa baba malapit sa cervix KO..32 week na po ako

2d ago

Same here 33weeks naninigas din ung tyan ko at sobrang likot nya. palagi din sumisiksik si baby sa ibabaw na part ng tyan ko or gilid ng ribs.

1st time mom po ako and 20 years old Lang po. Due date ko na po kase sa LMP nung October 17 Bali 40weeks and 2 days na po ako ngayon. Check up ko po kahapon and stock pa din po ako ng 1cm 1week na po akong 1cm and Sabi din po sa lying in na Makapal pa daw pa kwelyo ko Kailangan daw po numipis ito na parang papel , di pa po nila ako binigay ng primrose di daw po sila Basta Basta nag bibigay ng ganon. Tapos po ang Sabi pa po nasalat daw po nya na konti nalang panubigan ko binigyan nya po ako ng request ulit ng BPS para daw po Makita Kung gaano nalang yung panubigan ko . Kaka Bps ko Lang po nung October 5 at ang due date ko po don is November 13 po medyo malayo po sa LMP ko kapag po inantay pa namin. Mag November baka po matuyuan nako. Natatakot po talaga ako ma cs.

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1mo ago

Ano po nangyare sainyo? Cs po ba kayo?

palagi po naninigas tiyan ko pero nawawala din paminsan minsan. mahirap makahanap ng magandang pwesto para makatulog. 33w and 2days here.Cesarean po ako ulit.

The difference is, if you move to make yourself comfortable, the unease and ‘cramps’ don’t go away.