How do you know the difference between a strong Braxton Hicks and a real contraction?

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Braxton Hicks contractions are the feeling of the tightening of your uterine muscles, which could feel more intense and last longer than cramps. Unlike actual labour contractions, they are irregular. To differentiate between the two, you just need to be familiar with the characteristics of true labour contractions, which are: - Contractions come at regular intervals, gradually getting closer and closer - Each contraction lasts about half a minute to over a minute - Contractions get stronger over time - Contractions persist despite lying down or resting - You can feel the contractions in other parts of your body like the back - You have contractions and your water has broken (Taken from: As a guide, if you experience regular contractions every 10 mins or less, it is time to head to the hospital as you are likely going into labour.

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6y ago

How to ease and deal the initial & mid actual contractions at home before going to hospital with the intense ones??? Any advice???

These are the main differences :) Braxton Hicks are usually much more painful & last for a few minutes. They do not reoccur at regular intervals and are pretty harmless and normal. A contraction however gradually gets stronger over time, and comes in regular intervals. The time between the 2 intervals also gets closer and closer. It helps if you have your husband or someone with you to time the contractions so that you'll know if it's Braxton Hicks or the real deal :)

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