what are the best push gift you ever give to your wife ? Or any suggestion what to get for wife when she delivered the baby ?

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I believe yr presence and yr appreciation for her will touched her. After delivery, give her the extra attention instead of just yr newborn. She carried yr newborn for 10 months. Must reassure her that she is truly appreciated by you and yr love for her will not just end here or lessen in any way. However, do mean what you say ya.

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Encouragement aside, if you're thinking of a physical and tangible gift, a trip to the spa or a shopping trip of sorts would be great after she's done with confinement. After birth and taking care of a baby is tough and anything that will help her relax and feel awesome would be much appreciated :)

Yr words of love is definitely the most important. Yr care and concern is important too. Yr words and actions must tally. Don't over shower yr newborn with live and neglect yr wife. Give her the time and patience.

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Some help and care will be best gift that I would have enjoyed. It is very tiring physically and emotionally after a child birth. I believe all women deserves that little help and attention!

Be there, be there whole heartedly, be there and comfort her, provide all the support she needs. Nothing else beats being there for her. Giving her your arm for support and shelter.

Be there each time. Let her sleep at night for some time and u look after ur baby. It will go down really well as she will wake up rested and will be more happy attending to ur needs too

If you have taken Lot of photo and video.. You can make a sweet video for her.. It will melts her..

One of my friends get jewelry everytime after she delivered her child. I'd love that, too! Hehe...