What do you want for your kids?

What do you wish for your kids, mummies? I'm curious to know. Personally, I want my kids to have a solid education, but also combine that with life experiences like those they get through travelling, or volunteering.
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I want my child to grow up to be someone who believes in himself yet is down to earth. A rationally positive individual who is selfless and respectful towards others. A non priority would be for him t
I wish that my child will be happy and healthy, most importantly. I also wish that he/she will be kind, well mannered and down-to-earth. Be a person of good character. Finally, he/she must be filial :
I wan my boy to be healthy and eagle to learn new things
I wish that my kid will stay happy, healthy and caring.
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i want my girl to be happy and healthy now. she is recovering from a prolong cough and thats my only wish