Good Day everyone, Do you guys volunteer at your children's school? How do you feel? Do you all enjoy volunteering? What are your roles there? Ans: I volunteer in my children's school. In fact I have kids in two different schools. I enjoy volunteering at both the schools because it's fun, you get to learn new things, you meet other parents, chat over a cup of coffee after volunteering etc.. One of my kid goes to a Catholic school so I volunteer in his school as a catechist and teach the students cathecism. I also help out with other school events and my kids are always so happy to see me in their school.

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i used to volunteer earlier and in fact was also the class representative for the parents. this was when i had one kid and when my work responsibilities were a little lighter. i volunteered once a week, or for the weekend activities. as of now i don't volunteer as i don't find that much time, taking care of two kids and working full time, but yes, it was an enjoyable experience for sure.

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I enjoy volunteering at my kiddo school as there are always many things to learn and many people to meet. Through these people, you will.learn alot. It is an enjoyable thing and of course, when yr kids see u on their newsletter, they will atart sharing with their friends and thus feel that yes, mummy is always here for me.

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Hi Aruna I have volunteered in my daughter's kindergarten classes a lot, especially when the new session starts and it is really important to give special care to each baby. i still do this about twice a week. in fact, my mother also used to volunteer at school when me and my sibling were kids :)

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Parent volunteer is more during primary school While my boys are in childcare, i try to get involved in their school activities and be more active in whatever the school is doing. This way, i can actually get to know the school system and teachers well and better

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I have volunteering collecting old news paper, is quit fun hang around with children and I look like a teacher too. I bring them door to door for asking old news paper. Meet others parents and teachers. After a whole day them will thank me.

yes I do volunteers at my boy school once a week. my boy looking forward to see me in his school. Enjoy my volunteers with mummies friends from school.

I'am planning to do volunteering 2years before my child turns 7. that is provided the school allow. he is coming 4 years old now.