What is one thing you caught your child doing that you wish you had never seen?

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My friend told me she saw her son play with his own poop once. He is potty trained and when he was doing his business, she took her eyes off him for 10 seconds to wash her sink only to catch him nearly putting a piece of poop into his mouth. She was glad she stopped him in the nick of time but at the same time, she wished it didn't happen. The memory is etched in her mind forever, she says haha.

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When my baby was one and a half year old, she had started crawling. And one day, I was doing something when I suddenly noticed that she was trying to kind of spit something out of her mouth or something. I quickly went and opened her mouth and saw a cockroach in her mouth. While crawling, she got hold of a cockroach, and had put it in her mouth. :)

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My 11-month old baby then accidentally stuck her fingers inside the electric fan. Oh no.. No mom would ever see her child having blood all over her hands and later on, you don't know how to comfort her because of too much pain.

Licking and eating his own snot after she sneezed too hard! Hahaha super eeewwwwyyyy...

I once caught my niece picking her nose and licking it. Eeeewww!

I would say stuffing his fingers into electrical socket

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Eating his nose booger!! OMG.

nothing that i noe off....

Nothing yet

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None yet