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What is the one quality you wish your child to inherit from you? #genes

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The ability to see through rose colored glass (seeing through perceptions of the world) and making judgments based off of self knowledge and experience (and not through fake news, gossip, social constructs). In this world nowadays we are so quick to find the answer and are willing to accept anything that comes forth. We seldom do our own research, we seldom go through the work and effort of learning from our history, our ancestors, our roots and ourselves. This quality I wish my child can inherit from me will aid my LO through many tribulations of life while she is faced with many pathways through the human experience. Lead and live an honest life so we leave this world without a heavy consciousness.

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Hi. The trait I would lòve to see in my child to be inherited from me is to be an HONEST person because this trait never lets you do any wrong because if you do then as and if you are an honest person will face the music as it comes not being afraid of the consequences

My sense of adventure perhaps. Though I'm not too sure how I will feel when it's time to sign the consent forms for trekking (or any fun but risky activities) expeditions.

I just wish that he dont get the attitude of his father . If he will then it will be world war everyday inside our house

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My strength. He should be a strong young man who never gives up or let anyone or anything stand in his way. God is number one

Actually the parents are the role model of the children,if you want raise them good, raise yourself first!

I would like the kids to learn to never let anyone look down on them because of their race or colour😄

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Perseverance. I think it take you places and make you stronger as you go about facing life’s many challenges.

Honesty and perseverance. But not too much, I was labeled brutally honest it kinda rubs off the wrong way.