What do you regret buying preloved and wish you had bought first hand

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I never regret getting almost all my stuffs preloved. I love all my preloved stuff. Purchasing and using them kinda makes me feel good. And it keeps my pockets full too. The down side is ill have to be patient whilst searching for the best offer. I hope you did enjoy shopping for preloved items like I did!

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A stroller! I thought I could save a little with a preloved stroller; but the stroller is such a pain. It doesn't ride as smooth and is tough to fold. I wish I had bought my baby a brand new stroller!

a preloved tricycle... when i washed the tricycle, i realised there were rusty screws and nuts. end up staining my floor too 😖

Knowing how fast children grow up I now search for everything second hand if I can't find it then I'll order it brand new

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Nothing. When i shop for preloved items i hunted them carefully. Make sure i get the best deal and quality.

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Hmm. there is nthing i ever regretted getting preloved as i always think properly and carefully

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I regret buying a preloved bicycle. The seat was all torn and soiled

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